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Miter Saw Stand

Original Saw developed these miter saw stands to compliment our OS Series line of manual measuring systems, and extension roller and flat tables.
The stand is constructed of 12 and 14 gage formed steel with a texture powder coat finish on the table top and contrasting smooth gloss black on the legs, come with a 1' thick mdf mounting board that is predrilled to mount to the steel table top. This MDF top will allow you to attach your miter saw to the stand. This will give smaller shops and schools the option of using our industrial measuring systems and material handling roller and extension tables to set up a stationary cutting station for their favorite miter saw.

Works with our OS series extension tables #040033-01 and #040033-03

Miter Saw Stand
040039-00 Accessory Stand

Includes: formed steel top, MDF mounting board, threaded inserts, legs, leg braces
and hardware.

Made in USA






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